Parent Training

Reinforcement/ Punishment/ Relationship

Parent training is based on the principles of applied behavior analysis. We will identify specific negative behaviors that your child is exhibiting. You will learn how to increase positive behavior and decrease negative behavior. We will also go over positive relationship strategies also known as the pairing, in order to be effective in applying these interventions.

For example, when Jeanie is told no, she will tantrum, scream, yell, kick and hit. A functional behavior assessment will determine how the behavior is being maintained. Once the function is established we will identify socially appropriate replacement behaviors. The goal is to extinguish the negative behavior and increase the positive replacement behavior.

Crimson Counseling provides evidence based interventions that you can trust.

During the parent training session, you will learn how to identify the function your teen’s negative behavior. You will learn to understand if your reaction is increasing or decreasing the behavior. Punishment is designed to decrease behavior and reinforcement is designed to increase behavior. Punishment is only effective if you have a replacement behavior that is being reinforced. For example, Jonny is yelling and raising his voice at family members. The function is attention. Yelling would be put on extinction (no attention given, or reaction). Replacement behavior of soft voice tones and asking kindly is the replacement behavior. The positive behavior is reinforced with praise and attention.