Learning functional skills for independence

Where independence begins

The mission of Crimson Counseling is to provide teens and young adults with the skills that they need for a successful work, community/social, and independent life. Crimson Counseling provides hands-on instruction in the clinic and outdoor community settings. We teach key skills related to executive functioning, social interactions, and communication skills. We offer self-management and social skills training that moves you closer to independence.

What will the sessions be like?

The first hour will be an introduction of a training topic for the week. The training will cover one of our curriculum topics. Below is a list of several topic items we will cover. We then discuss goals, objectives and timeline to master. We work on social skills, identifying strengths and weaknesses. We use a behavior skills training model, 1. Teach the skill 2. Model the skill 3. Rehearse the skill in a natural settings 4. Reinforce the skill, to enhance and maintain future occurrence of the skill.

The second hour will be community training centered around the curriculum topic. Community training is designed to help clients contact natural contingencies in order to generalize skills associated with social interaction, communication and executive functioning. Some examples may include going to the bus stop to practice transportation, or going for a hike to practice exercise.

The third hour is the rehearsal and feedback portion of the training. We review personal goals and how these goals will be realized outside of the session. We then practice perspective taking skills. Perspective taking is a very important skill to develop interpersonal relationships. It allows us to see another persons point a view, and behave in ways that demonstrate empathy.