Behavior Services For Teens and Adults

Natural / Experiential / Personable
As a provider of evidence-based behavioral supports, Crimson Counseling is proud to be serving the teens and adult community, schools, and foster programs throughout Utah. We serve clients with private insurance, clients with self funded coverage, department of human services, and all clients with medicaid coverage. We work collaboratively with each organization to provide the highest quality of services.
Experiential functional skills training can be used for teens and adults who are being treated for autism,, addiction, conduct issues, oppositional defiance, grief/loss, trauma, anxiety, depression and related conditions.

Don’t let your greatest enemy live in between your two ears.

Experiential therapy focuses on doing rather than talking. Therapists encourage clients to engage in activities which occupy the mind and body, often allowing the individual to process emotions and information more easily. The therapist may then provide feedback, either during or after the exercise, while also allowing the client to engage their own feelings and reactions. Many of these activities take place outside a normal office setting.


“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” ― Albert Einstein

Experiential training in particular may be helpful for those who struggle with sit down face-to-face interactions with a counselor or functional skills technician. It can be difficult to build report in a restricted setting, but experiential interventions may help reduce that stress. Each technique is designed to engage a person while walking and hiking in the natural environment, thereby helping to ease the process.