We have the heart and passion to fulfill

  • At Crimson Heights we have the heart and passion to help teens and adults with social, communication and executive functioning challenges move closer to independence. These challenges may be known as autism, traumatic brain injury, ADHD, oppositional defiance, conduct issues, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. We offer services to these individuals and just about everyone else.

  • We use evidence based practices to train individuals on the skills needed to be successful in their life. We strive to make the lives of the individuals we serve healthier and happier


We help build skills

We use a behavior skills training approach. We teach the skills, we model the skills, we rehearse the skills and then provide reinforcement and feedback.  We use an experiential approach in clinic, community and home settings. We believe skills need to be taught and reinforced naturally so they can generalize into all settings of life. 


Ryan is deeply passionate about assisting children, youth and young adults facing social, emotional, and behavioral challenges on their path towards independence. He possesses a fervor for experiential learning, utilizing the outdoors as a dynamic environment to impart crucial life skills. Ryan's enthusiasm extends to entrepreneurship, where he endeavors to fuse evidence-based practices with entrepreneurial principles in the provision of care at Crimson Heights. He firmly holds the belief that, within the right learning context, every individual can harmonize with their personal values and forge a path toward a productive, successful, and fulfilling life. His dedication to these ideals drives his commitment to empower, guide and help others thrive.
Ryan Ruud - LCSW, BCBA, LBA

President / Owner

Andi graduated from the University of Utah in Healthcare/Hospital Administration with an emphasis in Behavioral Health, as well as a degree in Sociology. Andi has over 20 years of experience in the field of healthcare administration within various industries and has worked extensively in administration throughout her professional career. As Director of Business Development, she is responsible for encompassing developing infrastructure, promoting and ensuring growth and development, analyzing current processes, and recommending and implementing procedural or policy changes to improve operations. She also provides input on recruiting and employee relations, information technology as well as managing our scheduling department, adult and teen day treatment programs, community programs, and extension offices in Cedar City, Kanab, Hilldale, and Mesquite. She works with community partners, maintains credentialing, and collaborates with outreach programs in local communities. Andi believes that administration and passion in this industry is the backbone of daily business operations. Her goal is to ensure that the entire administrative function is strategically aligned with all other business functions and supports the successful creation, launch, execution, and sustainability of Crimson Heights LLC and all it has to offer.
Andi Cribbs

Chief Executive Officer – CEO

Clinical Team

Tony Maiocco - BCBA, LBA

Clinical Director – ABA 

Dallas graduated from the University of Utah, receiving his Master’s Degree in Social Work. Dallas has almost a decade of experience working with a wide variety of demographics, including individuals with Autism, anxiety, depression, trauma, and more. Dallas is trained in an evidence based treatment modality, EMDR. Dallas believes in getting outside, being active, and using experimental activities as a learning tool for treatment and success.
Dallas Garner - LCSW

Clinical Director – Mental Health

Aloha! My name is Richard Hau’oli Crowell, Marriage & Family Therapist from the Hawaiian Islands (O’ahu)! My experience includes individual, family, and group therapeutic services with various psychiatric conditions such as Neurodevelopmental, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Disruptive Impulsive Control and Conduct Disorders. I have experience working in multiple therapeutic settings including psychiatric residential, inpatient & outpatient as well as maximum security facilities. Moreover, I’ve spent over 10 years working contractually with the Judiciary and Healthcare (Medicaid, Medicare) systems specializing in providing family intervention and treatment services, community-based case management, patient education, provider relations support, and value-based care expertise. I have the privilege of raising a rather small family of 8 (grin) most of which are all student-athletes, graduated, and one learning how to use the potty (smile). As a Marriage & Family therapist, I truly believe in the power of a family-centered approach towards health, healing, and essential well-being. It is my absolute pleasure and honor to embark upon this new journey rendering genuine care, counsel, and therapeutic clarity to the beautiful families and residents of the state of Utah!
Rich Crowell - LMFT

Mental Health Therapist – St. George, UT


Licensed Clinical Psychologist – PhD

Elysia graduated from San Diego State University with a Master’s degree in Social Work and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the state of Utah. Elysia is fully trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). She has experience in treating individuals with PTSD, depression, anxiety, ADHD, addiction, grief and loss, and Reactive Attachment DIsorder (RAD). Elysia is passionate about helping her clients heal from trauma and addressing underlying issues to client’s presenting problems.
Elysia Young - LCSW

Mental Health Therapist -St George, UT

Tucker graduated from BYU with a Masters in Social Work April of 2022. He has a passion for working with kids, teens, and individuals on the autism spectrum. Tucker believes in taking a client centered approach, using their strengths and goals to shape the life they want to live. He is trained in EMDR and TF-CBT, and loves helping people process past traumatic experiences. Tucker loves the outdoors, playing pickleball, tennis, and basketball, and spending time with his wife and son.
Tucker Wallace - CSW

Mental Health Therapist – Cedar City, UT

Jacob graduated from UHCL, receiving his Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. He has 10 years of experience working with individuals with ASD, ODD, and other developmental disabilities. Jacob enjoys helping individuals learn skills that will increase their autonomy and access to social reinforcement. He specializes in caregiver training, verbal behavior, and severe maladaptive behavior. Jacob is passionate about individualized, research-based treatments and collaborating with caregivers, teachers, and other professionals to ensure effective and consistent treatment.
Jacob Hillman - BCBA, LBA

Behavior Analyst – St. George, UT

Wendy Weller -BCBA, LBA

Behavior Analyst – Mesquite, NV

Joleen Kim - LCSW

Mental Health Therapist – St George, UT

Heidi has worked with individuals on the autism spectrum for over 20 years. She graduated from ASU with a Master's Degree in Education Curriculum and Instruction in August of 2017 and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst the following February. She specializes in working with high support needs clients on the autism spectrum. Heidi believes in a positive approach, using techniques that promote confidence, independence and self-esteem. She is passionate about her work and values parent input in creating treatment plans that improve quality of life for the families she works with.
Heidi Yardley - BCBA, LBA

Behavior Analyst – Cedar City, UT

Jessica Toro received her Bachelors degree in psychology from southern utah university in 2012. She later received her masters degree in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis in applied behavior analysis from arizona state university in 2019. Jessica has had a life goal of finding a profession that allows her to help those who may not be able to help themselves. Jessica has worked with individuals on the autism spectrum for 9 years and became a board certified behavior analyst in October of 2020. Jessica is a passionate about learning and teaching skill to individuals so they can be truly successful in life, and loves seeing the positive changes that applied behavior analysis can bring into the lives of those she works with.
Jessica Toro - BCBA, LBA

Behavior Analyst – Cedar City, UT

Skyela received her Master of Social Work degree from The University of Tennessee in 2021. She is certified in working with Trauma. Skyela believes that the past doesn’t define who we are. Skyela has experience working with foster care systems, school systems, psychiatric hospitals, and residential programs. Her passion is helping others overcome their negative thought processes and beliefs regarding themselves and helping them acheive their full potential. Skeyla works from a CBT approach, mixed with play therapy for children. She enjoys spending her free time exploring, hiking, movies, and new outdoor experiences.
Skyela Cedotal - CSW

Mental Health Therapist – Cedar City, UT

Education: Graduate- Hawaii Pacific University with a Masters in Mental Health Counseling and Florida Institute of Technology for my ABA course work. I’ve been working with children and their families for over 15 years, in Hawaii and across the nation. I feel very strongly about using compassionate ABA to help make meaningful change for individuals with disabilities and in using progressive behavioral interventions to teach meaningful life skills to help clients reach their fullest potential. I have worked in all areas of behavioral therapy for clients and with all ages and abilities, from early intervention to social and executive functioning skills with teens. I believe considering the whole person in approaching a therapeutic treatment plan, with input from collaborative mental and behavioral health professionals allows for the most comprehensive approach to therapy.
Anna Schabell - BCBA, LBA

Behavior Analyst – St. George, UT


Maddie embarked on her journey in the behavioral health field in 2017 and quickly discovered her deep passion for helping others. This experience prompted a change in her college major, culminating in her graduation with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Dixie State University in 2020. Over the years, Maddie has assumed various roles within the field, relishing the opportunities for personal growth and learning from each position offered her. Since 2020, Maddie has been an integral part of the Crimson Heights team. During her time with Crimson, she has had the privilege of witnessing the remarkable progress made by the individuals the organization serves and has also observed the growth of the company as a whole. Maddie's lifelong aspiration to make a positive impact on the lives of others finds fulfillment at Crimson Heights, and she cherishes every moment of this rewarding journey.
Maddie Stichauf

Area Director – St. George

Brian King

Associate Director – Cedar City

HR / Recruiting / Systems

Kelsy Willis is an accomplished administrative professional with a strong background in leadership and a passion for helping others. Through her work in various roles, Kelsy has demonstrated her ability to lead and inspire others, creating positive change and making a meaningful impact in the lives of those around her. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Kelsy enjoys spending her free time on long walks with her husband and dog, as well as indulging in her passion for baking and cooking. Whether she's whipping up a batch of cookies or volunteering at a local charity, Kelsy is always looking for ways to give back and make a difference in her community. With her exceptional organizational skills, attention to detail, and dedication to helping others, Kelsy is a valued member of any team. Her positive attitude and commitment to excellence are an inspiration to all who work with her, and she is sure to continue making a meaningful impact in whatever role she takes on next.
Kelsy Willis

HR Administrator


Payroll Specialist

Chris is a graduate of Dixie State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. During his time at Dixie State, Chris performed extensive research on the relationship between organizational leadership and employee satisfaction, specifically studying this dynamic at IHC's St. George Regional Hospital. This research has fueled his passion for the employee experience and inspired he hopes to pursue a master's degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology in the future. With over 15 years of leadership experience, Chris is an established leader in his field. His diverse background in psychology and leadership has equipped him with a unique perspective on the needs of both employees and organizations, and he has a proven track record of developing successful strategies to improve the employee experience. In his future career, Chris aspires to use his education and experience to create positive, productive work environments that not only benefit employees, but also drive business success. He is a driven individual who is passionate about creating positive change in the workplace, and he is committed to using his expertise to help organizations reach their full potential.
Dellenie attended Dixie State University and obtained her Associates in Science in 2019 and is now studying Business Administration in Human Resources to obtain her bachelors. Dellenie has worked in the medical field for the majority of her work career. She has worked for Crimson Heights since 2019. She has witnessed our expansion and growth working as an Administrator. She has enjoyed helping and working in an environment where she can contribute and help others who struggle with mental disabilities.
Chris Williamson

Systems Manager

About . . .
Jenica Del Biaggio

Billing Liason


Jamie has a multi departmental role including being an Adult Group Lead, Community Outreach Group Team Lead, and working with a new contract as a Crimson System of Care Parent Peer Support. Jamie is a Social Service Worker, RBT, and will be our first fully credentialed Family Peer Support Specialist with High Fidelity Wrap Around Services. Jamie is one of the founding members of Crimson and has helped build our team, train our teams, and make a difference with the many individuals we serve in our adult community services. Jamie has a passion for helping others and is a natural leader. You may catch her at Tab or the Loft or may see her at one of your clients' SOC meetings. We are lucky to have her full time at Crimson and to benefit from her expertise
Jamie Parry

Community-Based Services Director

Crimson Heights

Serving the individual is at the center of everything we do!